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The world is dying. Which incartation of the world it is is of no consequence. All that matters is: the First Flame flickers and fades, preparing to plunge the world into an Age Of Dark. Thousands of legends have already been consumed to sustain the world's heartbeat

BE THE DARK SOULS BOSS CYOA The world is dying. Which incartation of the world it is is of no consequence. All that matters is: the First Flame flickers and fades, preparing to plunge the world into an Age Of Dark. Thousands of legends have already been consumed to sustain the world's heartbeat of endless death and renewal. You are a thing of the Age of Fire, once great and mighty, now a shadow of your former self. What Drought yout to this state? Torture Experimentation Your mind and body have been warped by You have tampered with that which you do years, decades, even centuries of unending not understand, and have been cursed for torture. You are now little more than a it. Be it a method of resurrecting the dead beast of unending pain and rage. This or attempting to artificially extend the Age torture may be mental, physical, or some of Fire, meddling with deep and ancient combination of the two. However, you will magics has wreaked great suffering upon become more resistant to pain, as mere you and those you care about. Such an combat cannot hold a candle to the agony in experiment may have rendered you into that cell all those years ago. some horrifing abomination, unrecognizable as ever being human, or utterly destroyed your mind, leaving you a gibbering husk of your former self. Corruption Tragedy Your body has been twisted by a malign You have lost someone or something force. It uses you as a puppet to further it's essential to you. This loss wracks your own ends. While transformations are mind, and over time that which is missing .common, occasional)' the physical body is has come to define your very existence. You ^untouched, although the minds are always have become spiteful and angry at the world enslaved. This type of corruption is most at large, and resent the inhabitants therein, commonly linked to the Abyss, although in particular those who let such a tragedy other sources of this type of infection exist, occur. (Inherent Isolation There was never any downfall in your tale. Can that really be another person? It has You are in the process of accomplishing been so long. You've waited in this room gwyour goals, and it is going well. Of course, for lifetimes, for so long you've forgotten |!5given the nature of this accursed world, this why you placed yourself in here so long ago. ■vj^means you are likely a horrific monster, a You can no longer fully determine the demonic entity, or a soulless being posessed diffrence between reality and memory any | by an eternal flame, but such is the nature longer, and while you may seem serene at ^|of things. first, and you may come to unexpected hostillity if your guest attempts to leave. They’re the first company you've had in U centuries, after all. Can't they stay a little longer? Form You were something, before your fall. What was it? Human Mutant You have somehow managed to stay alive You may have once been a human, but your and completely human in these trying body has been twisted and reshapen by an times. Due to the horrors surrounding you, outside influence. This is most commonly you have most likely become adept in the associated with Corruption, but other arts of swordsmanship and sorcery to variants exist as well. You are generally defend yourself. You are quite nimble, and larger than humans, and as such are slightly can wield the majority of arms and armor, less agile, allthough you are still much faster May take [Expert Swordsman] for free. than you look. Any arms and armor you use has to be specially tailored for you and you alone. May take [Unnatural Anatomy] for free. Draconic Giant You are a member of the ancient race of You are a giant, a native of a land across the dragons, albeit one in a gravely weakened seas from Drangleic. Your willpower is said state. Alternatively, you are a Drake or to be "as strong as steel", and your souls are lesser offshoot race of dragons at full power, incredibly powerful. Your kind was almost While dragons are creatures posessed of destroyed in a war with Drangleic, and great power, they are currently nearly those few that remain are heavily wounded, extinct. They are slow and unwieldly on Weapons and armor are difficult to find, land, but posess the ability of flight. You although due to your race's consistent scale, may take [Flight] for free. you do not have to have them custom made. May take [Giant] for free. Demon Divine You are a Demon, a monstrosity born of You are a member of the Old Royalty, the Bed of Chaos. Many demons take the struggling to maintaing the ever-dwindling ,form of a perverse hybrid of human and Age of Fire. While you may once have been ''animal, although others take yet more nearly omipotent, the First Flame fades, and •' exotic and terrifying forms. Despite their your power is waning. You bear a resiliency •infernal strength and aptitude for violence, against most normal weapons, allthough the flame that birthed them is long dead, Occult weapons can pierce your vand they are a race on the decline. They are supernatural protection. You are about the generally about twice as tall as the average same size as a Human, and are as agile, human, although some can be much bigger. May take [Sorcerous Aptitude(Any)] for May take [Elemental Affinity (Fire)] for free. Undead Abomination You are one of those poor souls cursed with You are something else entirely, sc undeath. You die, and yet ever)' time you that defies explaination by normal are cursed to return, every time a little less Your motives and goals are inscrut sane, every time a little less human, untill Even among demons and those wa you are a Hollow, a mindless creature that mutated by the Abyss, you are stil only exists to slay and consume the the strangest creatures ever to see humanity of others. You may take of day. You may take [Extra Limb: [Undying] for free. Traits You are not empty-handed in your battle against the dark. You possess 3 traits, plus any gained from your form. Expert Swordsman Sorcerous Aptitude Unnatural Anatomy Flight You are proficient with martial You are able to cast magic. Although Your organs have been shifted through You posess a pair of wings weapons of all types. While you can this perk is titled after Sorcery, it also a strange transformation. This makes proportional to your size, allowing you use such weapons without this perk, covers Miracles and Pyromancy, conventional methods of targeting to fly. While you can fly, you must with it your abilities will be increased, allthough the perk must be taken impossible, as your vital organs could occasionally land and rest. Cannot be making you a formidable combatant. multiple times for each one. be anywhere on your body. taken with [Giant]. Elemental affinity One or more of your attacks is attuned to a certain element. Such elements can have special effects, such as Cold damage slowing foes. This trait may be taken several times to attune to diffrent elements. Dual Wielding Giant You can now wield two blades at once, You are massive. Your footstep allowing you to chain attacks together the very earth to tremble, and in a deadly dance at the cost of the attacks are buffed due to your inability to block. Requires [Expert immense size. You are less agi' Swordsman] to this, however. Extra Limbs You have more limbs that your race s average, allowing you to make more attacks than would otherwise be possible, at the cost of appearing as a deformed nightmare to most. Horde Undying You are surrounded by a swarm of You cannot die. Any time you should lesser enemies, be they lesser enemies be slain, you return to life with a little or illusory copies. Either way, these less of your sanity intact. Be careful, minons won't pose much of a as this can quickly become less of a challenge on their own, but if they can blessing than a curse, swarm an opponent, they are doomed. Breath Weapon Rage You may spew a cone of elemental Once you have reached half heath, energy from your mouth. This process you are consumed by a rage that is tiring, and you can only use it once increases your strength and speed every 3 or so seconds. significantly. It does not increase your durability, though, so be wary. Possession Agile Twin Souls Transformation Now, instead of one predetermined You are incredibly agile for someone Instead of one being, you are two. During the course of the battle, you body, you may move your of your scale. Your reaction time is bound by fate. You may assign as undergo a hideous transformation conciousness between them at will. likewise improved, and you can dodge many of your remaining points as you once you reach half health. Create However, you do not heal when attacks with maneuvers that seem like to this character, and then go back another form as [Twin Souls], but transferring between bodies. almost impossible. and create a second character with instead of it serving as a fellow Requires [Horde]. that many points available. warrior, you transform into it. Weapons You have one thing left. It is your dearest possesion, now. Pick 1. May not take if [Twin Souls]. Crystal Greatsword Mageslayer's Blade Greatsword forged by an order that A sword wielded by a member of an sought to end the Age of Fire. The orginization dedicated to killing every crystals slowly leech of the lifeforce of practitioner of sorcery. Supposedly, the wielder, releasing it through the the power in the blood of the mages blade. this sword has slain still rests in the blade. Axes of the Betrayer Knives of the Crow The twin axes of a hero who The words "Huginn" and "Muninn" murdered those closest to him. After are inscribed on this knife in an he realized what he had done, he slit ancient language. The eyes on the his throat with the blade of one of the blade move, and follow your axes. Many say that his hate and pain movement. You feel quicker and more still remain trapped within the blade, perceptive wielding these. Ocean Hammer Spear of Decay Crude Staff None A hammer used by those who worship A spear pulled from the trunk of a A staff once used by an ancient holy In your current form, you either the Deep. Supposedly, the Dregs of cursed greatwood. The rot of the tree man. He was attacked by bandits, and cannot or do not wield weapons, humanity rest within, adding to the still corrupts it, and any wounds this the staff was used to shatter his skull. 1 extra trait, hammer's unnatural weight. blade inflicts are almost certain to The heretical use of this staff twisted become infected. it, allowing the users of this staff to block magical attacks. FSrST 5-Y. fw ? f i '* 7 mi ¿SZi , Mflt * ik \
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Это что, какая-то настолка по ДС? Прошу прощения за тупой вопрос.
не, это просто для отыгрыша, раньше были популярны такие таблицы типа "какой ты дракон" или "какие у тебя суперспособности", но потом все как то забили на это и вот щас древнее зло пробудилось потихоньку начали возрождаться благодаря хайповой книжонке "червь", называется create your own adventure(CYOA)
Horrt Horrt 25.06.201713:54 ответить ссылка 0.4
Спасибо) А я уж обнадеялся на настолку.
Народ, прошу, киньте картинку на русском, где сравнивают броню из DS и DA. Где броня из первой игры, полностью разбивает в пух и прах броню из второй игры.
В соусе у брони только один важный показатель - Fasion и он сугубо индивидуален для каждого.
Я имею в виду внешний вид брони той и другой игры, где сравнивают правдоподобность и эффективность.
Ту, на которой сравнивали броню для мага (которая даже с точки зрения лора нужна лишь для понтов) и правдоподобный рыцарский доспех? Вот она.
не советую чесаться этой
03793 03793 25.06.201721:00 ответить ссылка 0.4
ДА-холоп и ДС-боярин слева-направо.
Если не считать потерю одного трейта и невозможность взять особое оружие/лишний трейт, Twin Souls кажется мне весьма имбовой штукой.
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Foolish Dark Soul! What thous't seek in mine fading lands? Naught v but death and fire.
/ D- th— They ~ destroyed your statues!
They said you were s no god!

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Foolish Dark Soul! What thous't seek in mine fading lands? Naught v but death and fire. / D- th— They ~ destroyed your statues! They said you were s no god!